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Officer Reports, 2005

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Annual Officer Reports

All BMTA officers may submit reports at the Annual Meeting. Reports from the Construction, Maintenance, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership chairs are required. Some reports appear below.

Construction Chair, Ken Jones
October 15, 2005

Work Completed:

♦ Construction of 22 miles of new trail was completed on February 12, 2005. This included 7 miles of side hill tread construction. It also included painting blazes on 16 miles of new trail with the remaining 6 miles not blazed due to being inside Wilderness / Wilderness Study Areas (WSA).

♦ Painting of blazes on 42 miles of preexisting trails was completed on April 13, 2005. The remaining 21 miles of preexisting trail are located inside Wilderness / WSA.

♦ A total of 25 new signs have been installed on the new TN/NC extension this year. This includes the installation of sign posts at all trail intersections inside Wilderness / WSA. Four additional signs have been installed by the BMTA at other Wilderness / WSA intersections, not on the BMT route, to help the Tellico Ranger District. This completes the initial sign program, with any additional signs considered as trail enhancement activities.

Construction Volunteer Hours:

♦ A total of 5475 volunteer hours were expended to complete the entire construction program, not counting hours for sign fabrication and installation.

Future Construction Planning:

♦ The Ocoee/ Hiwassee District has proposed a reroute of a section of the John Muir/ BMT to eliminate 2 problem spots on the existing trail. If this reroute is approved, it could potentially require about 3 miles of new trail construction. The new route has not been yet been established on the ground.

♦ A potential reroute of the trail is being considered and coordinated with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This reroute would eliminate the current road walk along US 129 and NC 28 from Dealís Gap to Twenty Mile Ranger Station. The proposed reroute would follow the old AT from Dealís Gap to Dalton Gap, then turn east along old abandoned road bed to connect to the Wolf Ridge Trail. This proposed reroute would involve about 4.5 miles of new trail construction within the GSMNP.

Membership Chair, Tony Oldfield
September 28, 2005

As of this date, we have 217 members: 67 Life Members, 2 Corporate Members, and 148 Annual Members.

We have gained 49 new members this year but recently there has been a reduction in the rate of new members joining from the Tennessee / North Carolina corridor. We need to renew efforts in this area if we are to have enough maintainers for this section of our trail.

Shortly we will be mailing out the 2005 membership directory.

Maintenance Director, North Carolina/Tennessee, Bill Ristom
September 29, 2005

To date, BMTA volunteers have logged well over 1000 hours in Tennessee and North Carolina (south of the Smokies) for 2005. Attendance on monthly work trips has run from a low of 3 (hot weather, long hike in) to a high of over 40 (end-of-construction trip in February). Given the remoteness of this middle section of trail and its newness, volunteer hours have exceeded expectations. In the coming year, we look forward to greater numbers of maintainers from the local areas getting involved.

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