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The History

After the BMTA had been in existence only a few years, leaders of the time decided that there needed to be a special way to express appreciation for that one individual who worked hardest over the course of the previous year. Realizing that naming the hardest working trail volunteer would be difficult some years, they decided to make it an informal award with a simple (but shiny!) new Pulaski for a trophy. So with no formal charter statement and little fanfare, the Maintainer of the Year award was established.

The Award

Recipients are said to have received the "Golden Pulaski", though it is not gilded in any way. (Not even with cheap, gold-colored spray paint - which has been suggested!) But while the trophy itself may be no great shakes, the feelings of gratitude behind it are deep and sincere.

To All Trail Workers

This award has a shortcoming in that there is only one of it. In any given year, there are numerous volunteers who give of themselves and of their wherewithal to maintain and improve the trial. With the Maintainer of the Year award, the BMTA provides only a small token of thanks.

  YearMaintainer of the Year
1983Lyman Emerson
1983Ken Mauck
1984Randy Snodgrass
1985Bobbie Shumacher
1988Claire Broadwell
1988Clayton Pannell
1989Chuck Logan
1989Wayne Smith
1990Wayne Smith
1991Mike Christison
1992David Pullen
1993George Haney
1994Tom Wright
1995Lawrence Jump
1996Russ Scribner
1997Jim Hamblen
1998Bill Fornshell
1999Ken Jones
2000Walter Cook
2001Carole Perry
2002Debbie Tuten
2003Bill Shubert
2004Mike Pullen
2005Robert Owenby
2006Eric Eades
2007Ken Jones
2008Richard Harris
2009Richard Harris
2010George Owen
2011Tom T.O. Mitchell
2012Jim Holland
2013Walter Cook
2014Kent and Pam Mathews
2015Ralph Heller
2016Barry Allen
2017Debra and Phil Guhl
2018Larry Dumas

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Ken Jones accepting MotY award for Robert Owenby at 25th Anniversary Celebration, 2005, courtesy of Mike Pullen